World Wars

Stonehouse War Memorial

Find out more about the soldiers on Stonehouse War Memorial on the website below

World War One

We have lots of information about Stonehouse soldiers in World War One.
We are planning to put some of it on the website in due course.

Journal 4
Effects of the First World War on the Stonehouse community by Shirley Dicker and Jim Dickson
How the First World War brought tragedy to Stonehouse. The Baker Family by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker
Benjamin Dooley Parkin (1879—1962) by Vicki Walker and Jim Dickson

Journal 9
Standish VAD Hospital by Shirley Dicker (World War One)

World War Two

V E Day

The whole of Journal 1 is about the effects of World War Two on Stonehouse. Click here for the Contents Page

Journal 2
Memories of Stonehouse: Betty Powell by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker

Journal 5.
Bridgend Hostel by Bob Lusty
Stonehouse Post Office sends Land Army girls to Devon by David Flagg
Ernest Weaver, evacuee by Vicki Walker

Journal 6.
An evacuee in Stonehouse by Audrey Broomhall  (née Taylor)

Journal 7
Frank Woodyard, 1918 – 2012 by Jim Dickson (World War Two, Hoffmann’s Shadow Factory)
Irene Adey by Shirley Dicker, Vicki Walker and Janet Hudson (World War Two, Hoffmann’s Shadow Factory)

Journal 8
Standish House Sanatorium c1944 -1945 by Tony Daffurn (WW2)