Journal Issue 7

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Welcome to Issue 7

Rebecca Elizabeth (Betty) Sargeant, 1921-2017 by Janet Hudson – memories, Royal British Legion, Women’s Institute, World War Two

Horticulture in Stonehouse by Vicki Walker – clergy, Horticultural Society, Horticultural Show

The Stonehouse Rose by Vicki Walker – Stonehouse Rose

The Horticultural Show in the 21st Century by Mattie Ross – Horticultural Show

Stonehouse Gardening Club by Austen Perkins – Gardening Club

Bridgend Nursery by Shirley Dicker and Caroline Dicker – Bridgend Nursery, buildings, evacuees, memories, shops, World War Two

Stonehouse vineyards past and present by Janet Hudson – canal, Doverow, manor, river, vineyards

Dr Francis Bond and a Stonehouse “Pioneer Enterprise” by Janet Hudson – cheesemaking, public health, Severn Valley Dairy

St Cyr’s Church by Janet Hudson and Vicki Walker – buildings, churches, clergy, manor, poor law, schools

Frank Woodyard, 1918 – 2012 by Jim Dickson – Hoffmann’s, Home Guard, memories, World War Two

Irene Adey by Shirley Dicker, Vicki Walker and Janet Hudson – Hoffmann’s, memories, mills, poor law, Standish Hospital, shops, Stonehouse Brick and Tile Co Ltd

Memories of Stonehouse by Arthur French, 1920 – 2016 edited by Darrell Webb – buildings, memories, schools, Wycliffe College

Tom Shiers remembers by Shirley Dicker and Caroline Dicker – buildings, Football Club, Hoffmann’s, memories, Red Cross, World War Two

The English Tower, Buenos Aires, Argentina by Darrell Webb – Stonehouse Brick and Tile Co Ltd

Stonehouse History Group Annual Report 2016 –17

Events 2016 –17

Photographs  2016-17