History of the County Schools

Journal 1
Evacuees at Stonehouse Council School by Vicki Walker

Journal 3
Stonehouse Primary School: the happiest days of my life? by Christine Hodges

Journal 6
“Founded Upon a Rock” Stonehouse school days 1953 – 56 by Roy C Edwards (Stonehouse Secondary Modern later Maidenhill)
“These were our Rock’n’Roll years” memories of a Stonehouse youth 1953 – 62 by Roy C. Edwards (Stonehouse Secondary Modern later Maidenhill)

Journal 7
Memories of Stonehouse by Arthur French, 1920 -2016 edited by Darrell Webb (Miss French’s School, Wycliffe College)

Journal 8
Stonehouse School 1832 – 1928 by Jane Gulliford

Journal 9
James Charles Clegg Kimmins and his family by Linda Collazo (Miss Kimmins school)