Stonehouse Films

Cine Films taken by Cyril Chandler in 1945

These films were added to Youtube by Darrell Webb in around 2012.

Here are links to the films on Youtube and some comments by Darrell

Cyril Chandler in 1945

Stonehouse High Street Bath Road and Gloucester Road

This is another extract from local shopkeeper Cyril Chandler’s cine film of Stonehouse and its people.
These short snippets are of Stonehouse High Street, Bath Road and Gloucester Road in 1945. Not many cars but plenty of bikes!
You can see the Stonehouse Brickworks chimney in full smoke, Plough Motors and its petrol pumps, the old Woolpack inn, the old Bristol Road and Ocean railway bridges.
Also Cyril Chandler’s wonderful old shop, Wycliffe College playing field housing the MOD’s huts, the old Trough junction, the old Ship junction with rail crossing gates, Stonehouse wharf coal depot, among other great old views.
Don’t blink you will miss some.

Stonehouse Carnival 1945

This  short colour cine film from Cyril Chandler shows what looks like the whole of the town enjoying the Stonehouse summer Welcome Home Fete, July 14th 1945 on the recreation ground. The crowning of the Welcome Home Queen was by Mrs C Winterbotham.
If you look closely there are posters around asking people to vote for Walter Robert (Bobby) Perkins (Conservative) and also for Ben Parkin (Labour). These two gentleman were opposing each other in the July 5th 1945 General Election just after the war, the first General Election since 1931. Ben Parkin beat Walter Perkins who had been MP since 1931.
It was the first time a Labour party MP had won the Stroud area. The posters also question who has won because they did not know the result. Apparently the results were a long time coming that year, it was belated because they needed to wait for the collection of the ballot papers from the forces abroad.
It was July 26th when the result was announced.  Ben Parkin remained MP until 1950.

Stonehouse Summer Carnival and Race Day Saturday May 26th 1945.
This is a magical snippet of cine film of Stonehouse people enjoying a summer show in 1945. It looks like it is taking place on Hoffmann’s playing fields.

Stonehouse Community Centre Grand Day Out  1945

This is an extract from local shopkeeper Cyril Chandler’s cine film taken in 1945 of Stonehouse and its people.
This short clip is from a Day Out in Malvern, showing Jack Anderson and his wife, enjoying a picnic with the Vick and Prude families.

Stonehouse Community Centre Day Nursery 1945

Stonehouse Cast of Hay Fever at the Community Centre 1945

Stonehouse VJ Celebration 1945

This is another wonderful old cine film from Cyril Chandler’s collection.  VJ Day celebrations on the 12th August 1945.
You can see all the Stonehouse children having a great time dressing up, and parading around the High Street. If you look close you can see some of the old buildings in the High Street.

Stonehouse VE Sunday Civil Defence Parade May 1945

May Queen 1945

Cyril Chandler Cine Film of the May Queen celebrations. This is probably 1945 but could be earlier. It is probably Eastington School. If you can give us any information about this film please contact us.

Video of Stonehouse Remembrance Day 1991
Film supplied by Richard White