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We normally meet on every 2nd Wednesday of the month (except August)
at Park Junior School Hall, Stonehouse. Directions to the School
Everyone welcome to attend. Entrance charge £2 members, £3 non-members (unless otherwise notified)


Wednesday July 10th 7.30
at Park Junior School
Dr Toby Jones
“The Newport Medieval Ship: Unravelling the secrets of a mid-15th Century Clinker-Built Merchant Vessel”

Discovered, disassembled and raised in 2002-3, the remains of the Newport Medieval Ship have progressed through cleaning, documentation, analysis and conservation treatment. The ship, which dates to the 1450s/1460s, was probably built in the Basque Country in Spain.  
The use of modern technologies has enabled researchers to determine the dimensions, capacity, and performance of the original vessel.
The examination of the individual ship timbers and overall hull form have led to a greater understanding of Atlantic-Iberian ship design, construction sequence, and woodland resource management in the late medieval period.

Research efforts are currently focussed on plans for reassembly and display, with a multi-disciplinary team designing a comprehensive support structure.
Made from fibre-reinforced polymers that will provide universal support for the hull remains, the support structure would remain largely hidden in the inter-frame spaces of the re-assembled hull, thus satisfying both structural and aesthetic challenges.

No meeting in August

Wednesday September 11th 7.30
at Park Junior School
Jack Boskett – “From railways to royalty”
Multi-award winning photographer Jack Boskett presents “From Railways to Royalty.”
Through this showcase, he delves into the narratives behind his photographs, offering a glimpse into some truly captivating moments.
His extensive portfolio includes his experiences as an official photographer during the solemn occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the grandeur of King Charles’ Coronation.

Surprisingly, Jack attributes his remarkable journey to his initial passion for railways. This seemingly unrelated interest served as the catalyst for his eventual career trajectory. As he unravels his story, audiences will witness the unexpected twists and turns that led Jack to where he stands today.
Plus – Expect a lot of humour!

Wednesday October 9th 7.30
at Park Junior School
Jonathan Holt “Architectural follies in Gloucestershire”

Wednesday November 13th 7.30
at Park Junior School
Phil Bischler – “The history of chocolate”

Wednesday December 11th 7.30
at Park Junior School
Nick Brunger – “Strange tales”
A set of spooky and mysterious stories illustrated with magic effects.
A mix of stories from Gloucestershire’s past, with other fictional tales – but all with a strong historical base.


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