Journal Issue 3

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Journal Issue 3

Journal Issue 3


Obituary of Les Pugh

Oldends: what’s in an ‘s’? by Janet Hudson – manor, Oldends, roads

Spa Inn, Oldends Lane by Janet Hudson, Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – Baker family, buildings, manor, Oldends, pubs

Oldends Hall by Janet Hudson – Baker family, buildings, manor, Oldends

Stonehouse place names by Darrell Webb: Anderson Drive, Arrowsmith Drive, Barlow Close, Barnard Parade, Blunder Lock, Boakes Drive, Kimmins Road, Sperry Way, Wycliffe College – buildings, canal, roads

Charles Lister Smith – local historian by Darrell Webb – Charles Lister Smith, manor, roads

Jefferies Brickworks by Vicki Walker – Jefferies Brickworks, Ryeford

Robert Jefferies by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – coal, memories, Ryeford

Bert Carter – railway signalman by Vicki Walker and Jim Dickson – memories, railways

Stonehouse Primary School: the happiest days of my life? by Christine Hodges – memories, schools

Chronicles of a visit to Stonehouse in 1927: extracts from the diary of George A Smith by Shirley Dicker and Vicki Walker – buildings, roads, shops

Beatrice Webb, 1858 – 1943 by Jim Dickson – Beatrice Webb, politics, Standish Hospital

Annual Report 2012 – 13