Charles Lister Smith Local historian. A year on the webfoot:at sea before the mast. Diary 1876-1877

Leslie Arrowsmith  Stonehouse Parish Councillor, fund raiser and organiser. 1903 – 1967

The artist Stanley Spencer lived in Leonard Stanley from 1939 to 1941 when he painted several paintings of the local area.

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Journal 3
Charles Lister Smith – local historian by Darrell Webb
Jefferies Brickworks by Vicki Walker
Chronicles of a visit to Stonehouse in 1927: extracts from the diary of George A Smith by Shirley Dicker and Vicki Walker
Beatrice Webb, 1858 – 1943 by Jim Dickson

Journal 4
Benjamin Dooley Parkin (1879—1962) by Vicki Walker and Jim Dickson
Police Sergeant George Smith by Vicki Walker

Journal 5
Edward Jenner Davies by Vicki Walker
Lieutenant David Wingfield RN by Darrell Webb
Alexander John Ball by Darrell Webb
Bridgend Hostel by Bob Lusty
Captain Eric Dixon, Royal Flying Corps by Jim Dickson

Journal 6
Tom Round-Smith – a remarkable life by Jim Dickson
Movement among the people of Stonehouse 1600 – 1800 by Janet Hudson