Journal Issue 5

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Journal Issue 5


A fond farewell to June by Jim Dickson and Vicki Walker – churches, farming, memories, shops

Standish House before it became a hospital by Shirley Dicker – Beatrice Webb, Standish Hospital

Haywardsend House by Janet Hudson – buildings, Haywardsend, manor

Edward Jenner Davies by Vicki Walker – Bridgend, buildings, Haywardsend, mills, Stonehouse Brick and Tile Co Ltd

Lieutenant David Wingfield RN by Darrell Webb – buildings, Royal Navy

Alexander John Ball by Darrell Webb – manor, Royal Navy

Bridgend Hostel by Bob Lusty – Bridgend, migration, World War Two, memories

Stonehouse Post Office sends Land Army girls to Devon by David Flagg – memories, post office, World War Two

Ernest Weaver, evacuee by Vicki Walker – evacuees, memories, World War Two

Captain Eric Dixon, Royal Flying Corps by Jim Dickson – Royal Flying Corps, World War One

The Stroudwater Navigation Canal at Stonehouse by Jim Dickson – canal, river

Stonehouse names by Darrell Webb: Abbot’s Way, Aldergate Street, Bath Road, Bond’s Mill, Bridgend, Brown’s Lane, Elm Road, Nupend, Nastend, Oldends, Queen’s Road, Ryeford, St Cyril’s Road, Sherborne Close, Springfield Court – buildings, roads

A not-so-lost cricket bat willow plantation near Stonehouse by Geoffrey Fryer – Bridgend, cricket bats

Stonehouse History Group Annual Report 2014 – 15

Events 2014 – 15

Photographs  2014 – 15