Journal Issue 4

Journal Issue 4

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Effects of the First World War on the Stonehouse community by Shirley Dicker and Jim Dickson – Laburnum Recreation Ground, Standish Hospital, World War One, Wycliffe College

How the First World War brought tragedy to Stonehouse. The Baker Family by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – Baker family, pubs, World War One

Benjamin Dooley Parkin (1879—1962) by Vicki Walker and Jim Dickson – politics, schools, World War One, World War Two

Memories of the Regal Cinema by various contributors – buildings, cinema, memories

Police Sergeant George Smith by Vicki Walker – buildings, memories, police

From willow to wicket. A lost cricket bat willow plantation near Stonehouse by Stephen Mills – Bridgend, cricket bats

Ham House, Stonehouse by Janet Hudson – buildings, farming, manor

Memories of my life by Valerie Blick with Shirley Dicker – memories, shops

Stonehouse names by Darrell Webb: Elgin Mall, Whitefield Close, Pearcroft, The Reddings, Festival Road, Blackwell Close, Regent Street, Burdett Road, The Trough Roundabout, Hill Court – buildings, roads

Annual Report 2013 – 14