Journal Issue 2

Click here for Issue 2 (Dec 2012) 2nd edition Feb 2020


Stonehouse town area c. 1610 by Janet Hudson – buildings, manor, roads

Charles Lister Smith Collection: Coronation postponed – King ill – official”: Post Office telegraph causes consternation for Parish Committee by Shirley Dicker – bonfires, Charles Lister Smith, Coronation 1902, Doverow

Young and Wolf Ltd  by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – Bridgend, memories, mills, Young and Wolf

An attempt to create a unique canal by Jim Dickson – Kemmett Canal, river

Stonehouse railway stations from 1845 by Darrell Webb – buildings, railways

Stonehouse Brick and Tile Company Ltd 1891-1968 by Darrell Webb – geology, memories, post office, Stonehouse Brick and Tile Co Ltd

Working at Stonehouse Telephone Exchange by Margaret Levy – memories, telephones

Memories of Stonehouse: Eric Clark by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – buildings, memories, post office, shops, telephones

Stonehouse Post Office – a building to celebrate by Shirley Dicker and Vicki Walker – buildings, post office

Memories from Stonehouse Police Station by Ken Dicker – buildings, memories, police

Memories of Stonehouse: Betty Powell by Vicki Walker and Shirley Dicker – memories, Standish Hospital, World War Two