Millennium Stone

The Millennium Stone was erected in the year 2000 on the Green by the High Street Medical Centre.

The design represents a doorway from one millennium to the next or from the present to the future; it also recalls the stone house after which Stonehouse is believed to be named.

On it are carved symbols of the town and the area using several of the ideas suggested by members of the public during the research phase of the project. Children (or very keen adults) are able to climb through the opening.

The history of Stonehouse – symbols on the Millennium Stone

In 2016 Stonehouse History Group erected an Information Board next to the Stone featuring details about the history of the area nearby including the symbols on the Millennium Stone.

Millennium Stone back

Millennium Stone back


Millennium Stone front

Millennium Stone board

Stonehouse History Group information board May 2016

Click here to see a larger view of the information board by the Millennium Stone

Click here to watch a YouTube video of “The making of the Millennium Stone” programme from the TV Channel Home and Leisure.


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