Baptist Chapel

The tin chapel was a Baptist Mission Hall first put up in 1891 by Miss Grace Abbott at the bottom of Woodcock Lane behind Gordon Terrace. 

The Baptists then opened a church in the old Institute (behind Broomhall’s butcher in High Street) in 1901.

A new Baptist Church Hall was built in Queen’s Road in 1908. Miss Abbott married the Rev Moore who came to work there. The Hall was only in use until 1911 when Rev Moore died and was not replaced.

Baptist Hall foundation 1908

The building was later used by the British Legion, The Comrades Club and Top Cue Snooker Hall until it closed in around 2000, after which it was used as a storeroom for the Curiosity Shop.

The minister’s wife Mrs Moore went back to running the Mission Hall. Her daughter took over in 1919 and ran it until 1961 when the Baptist Church took it over.

Old Baptist chapel Woodcock Lane 1976

The Baptist Chapel building (disused) was still there in 1976, and was taken down sometime in the late 1970s and the bungalow built.

In 1972 the new Baptist Church in Gloucester Road was built.

Baptist Church site 1972

Baptist Church 2015


Baptist Chapel 1961