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Blackbeard comes from Stonehouse?

An interesting claim has recently come to our attention from Baylus C. Brooks - that the famous pirate Blackbeard (real name Edward Thache) comes from Stonehouse and his grand father was Rev Thomas Thache (1617-1668) vicar of St Cyrs in 1664.

Baylus claims - his investigations have proven that Blackbeards father “Edward Thache snr” was a mariner born in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England on June 14, 1659, likely the son of Rev. Thomas Thache, Anglican minister of St. Cyr’s Church and his wife Rachel.

He probably moved to Bristol, married to Elizabeth and had two children: Edward Jr. (Blackbeard) and Elizabeth”. He also claims that Blackbeard was at one time in the Royal Navy and that the Navy tried to cover this up.

More on his investigations Baylus C Brooks book

Baylus is a professional research and maritime historian, genealogist, and writer living in Greenville, North Carolina USA.

He is a Board Member of the North Carolina Maritime History Council and founder of Brooks Historical, a publishing, research, and writing-editing service in Greenville.

Baylus’s book - Quest for Blackbeard: The True Story of Edward Thache (Blackbeard) and His World is coming out in 2016. We look forward to reading it.

Blackbeards pirate flag.

blackbeard Fam Tree.jpg

Baylus talking about his book on Youtube

Baylus’s Blackbeard family tree dating all the the way back to Stonehouse.

Blackbeard the famous pirate