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This wonderful photograph was sent to us by Bob Lusty in early 2015 who says:-

Do you have this picture? It is the Railway Level crossing next to the Ship Inn looking from the Bristol Road towards Bridgend. In those days the road went over the Canal via the Humpback bridge.

Mr Stew was the Gate Keeper and he also organized the Sunday Newspapers up at Burdett Road Railway Station.

I lived in Midland Road and our garden backed onto the path going to the LMS Railway Station. In my teens I used to go in the Signal Box after school and weekends with Mr Jones the Signalman when he was on duty.

One very foggy night I can remember helping put detonators on the line to warn the driver he was getting near to the station also to let him know what position the signals were in. Fog was that thick you could hardly see the train from the signal box. Don't get fogs like that today thank goodness.

Great days that led me to work on the railway at Horton Road Engine Sheds

Bob also sent us this aerial photograph of Hoffmans taken around 1955, he says:-

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Stonehouse History Group

visit to St. Cyr’s church June 2015.

Stonehouse History  Groups June meeting was a very pleasant evening at St Cyr’s church, where we could see many items of its history including old documents.

Even a trip up the tower to see the bells and the fantastic view..

Thanks to Colin Wood and the Church wardens for a very interesting evening.

More on St Cyr's Stonehouse Bridges

On Tuesday 15th September our SHG secretary Vicki Walker was invited to go along to Radio Gloucestershire to talk about our History Group including our facebook page, web site, and our groups activities.

Here is a link to the whole programme, Vicki’s interview starts at about 11 mins in.

Radio Gloucestershire interview

Old photographs of the Ship junction Supplied by Dave Redbond.

Do you remember these old Stonehouse bridges? -

all long gone.

Old Bridges