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Very Old Stonehouse - Guess the Date of this Stonehouse Photo?

Stonehouse High Street looking towards Stroud, you can just about spot the old Crown & Anchor Hotel.

When first looking at this very old photograph of Stonehouse High Street, it looks like the Globe Inn on the left. But on closer inspection you will notice that the licensed premises is not indeed the Globe.

The two buildings were demolished around 1898. They have the advertisements - W Smith Eating House on one side and Mortimer’s on the other. At the moment we don’t have any information on these businesses, can anyone help?

The buildings were on the piece of land where the willow tree (planted in 1921) now grows. They were in front of 33-41 High Street, which is the row of houses that were refurbished in the 1990s. We estimate the photo to have been taken between 1890 and 1895.

The gentleman with the beard on the pavement to right looks like that familiar figure the Rev. Farren White who seems to get into many of the old photographs of the High Street.