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Stonehouse in 1881

The Next Household is Bridge End House Cottage.

Where George AUBREY age 40 lived with his family born in Aston Ingham, Hereford, Coachman. His wife was Maria AUBREY age 44 born in Chipping Camden, Son William H. AUBREY age 16 born Cheltenham, Power Loom Tuner ((Apprentice to Grocery)) (SM) son Arthur J. age 14 born Cheltenham, Apprentice to Grocery, Edward E. Age 12 born Stonehouse Scholar, daughter Lavinia M. Age 10 Stonehouse, Scholar, daughter Francis A. Age 9 bor Stonehouse, Scholar  son Walter M. D. age 6 born Stonehouse, Scholar, son Ernest E. Age 3 born Stonehouse, Scholar, son Edward F. Nephew age 1 born Tewkesbury,

Next door is Bridge End House House

Where Lived William DAVIES age 73 born Leonard Stanley, Justice of the Peace at the Court of Gloucester, occupation Woolen Cloth Manufacturer. Master of 100 Men, 204 Women and 26 Boys, quite a large company, interestingly twice as many woman as men, this was probably Bridgend Mill, his wife Jane C. age 64 born Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucester, and his five daughters, Louisa J. age 32, Anne age 28, Alice S. age 26, Jane E. age 24, Emily age 23, all born in Stonehouse.

And their five servants:-

Charlotte SMITH age 27 born Dursley, Cook (Dom), Frances MINETT age 36 born Wilton, Hereford, Parlour Maid, Emma HILL age18 born Haresfield, Housemaid, Angelina BLEWITT age 17 Preston, Kitchen Maid, William ROSSER age 13 born Ebley, Page.

William and his family were also in the 1851 Stonehouse census and it looks as though William had sons too:-

DAVIES William age 43 Woollen Cloth Manufacturer Leonard Stanley, sons James age 24 born Alderley and William age 3 born Stonehouse,   

Louisa age 2 born Stonehouse, Mary age 1 born Stonehouse, and servants Hannah HOLLAND age 24 Cook born Gloucester, Elizabeth SELLICK age 20 House Maid born Uphill, Martha CHAMBERLAIN age 20 Nurse Maid born Oxford, Emily BEARD age 15 Nurse Maid born Gloucester,   

Next Household is Ryeford Station - Station Masters House

John WHITE age 32 born Yate, Station Master (Rly) and his wife Louisa age 34 born Peasdown, Somerset, and their three daughters Edith age 8 born Yate, Scholar, Harriet age 5 born Woodchester, Scholar, and Kate age 11 months born Ryeford.

Next Household is in Browns Lane called Yiew Tree Cottages

Where Francis COX age 40 lived, born Stafford, shoemaker and his wife Elizabeth age 39 born Great Cropinham, Norfolk, and their five children: Jane E. age 12 born Newham, Gloucester, Scholar Francis J. age 10 born Taynton, Gloucester, Scholar, Charles W. age 8 Taynton, Gloucester, Scholar, Clara M. age 6 born Taynton, Gloucester, Scholar and Louisa H. age 2 born Stonehouse.

Also at Browns Lane Yiew Tree Cottages lived William ADEY age 31 Kingswood, Gloucester, Day Labourer (Genl)  and his wife Francis E. ADEY age 28 born Stroud, and their children Cecilia M. Age 6 born Derby, Derby, Scholar Henry S. Age 4 born Stonehouse, Scholar,

Walter W. age 1 born Stonehouse.

Next group of buildings is Haywards End:-

Haywardsend had twenty three different families living there, that must have been some community. There was Amos Park, an Engine Driver at the Cloth Mill, with his wife and five children, John Kendall, Forman at the Cloth Mill, with his wife and four children, Charles Bennett, Cloth worker, with his wife and eight children, Pete Perkins, Farm Labourer, with his wife and eight children, James Wake Gardener with his wife and seven children, Charles Wallace, Gardener with his wife and seven children, Andrew Lewis, Black Smith, with his wife and three children, William Whittard, Bricklayer with his wife and three children, Jesse Allen, Cloth worker with his wife and seven children, John Lewis, Carpenter and Joiner with his wife and two children, his Nurse Maid and a lodger, to name just eleven of the families.

Next Household is Haywards Field Hall where John Ford, Timber Merchant, age 57 lived with his wife Harriet age 52 and four sons and three daughters. Haywardsfield is a very old house, there is a stone in the court yard baring the date 1694. Around this time John had the house up for sale.

On the 6th April 1881, Haywardsfield Hall was to be sold by Auction by Mr Octavius Long at the Crown and Anchor . It would appear  the owner John Ford and brothers corn and Timber Merchant from Ryeford Mills was in financial difficulties.

It was purchased by Mr George  William Sibley for £2,990, “by the National Provincial bank to become Wycliffe College. He was 30 and with his wife to be Alice Pillman age 21.

As soon as it was purchased  Mr Sibley gave instructions to convert the ground floor to three class rooms and on the first floor two class rooms and a large school room,  to accommodate more than 100 boys.

A virtual walk around Victorian Stonehouse in 1881 - Continued…