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- promoting  interest in the History of Stonehouse & the locality.

The committee:-


Jim Dickson

Vice Chair

Shirley Dicker


Vicki Walker


Andrew Walker

Web Site Manager

Darrell Webb

David Bowker-Praed  

Colin Wood    Valerie Blick


Membership year runs from May 1st to April 30th

Annual Membership Fee £5

(to include AGM attendance fee if paid at the AGM)

Member's attendance Fee for each meeting attended £1.00.

Non-member's attendance Fee for each meeting attended £2.00.


The Committee shall consist of:

A minimum of 6 members, a maximum of 9, to include a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Officers and committee shall be elected every year at an Annual General Meeting of the group to be held in May.

Members may stand for re-election.


An account will be held at a financial institution approved by the committee.

The address for correspondence would be that of the treasurer(s).

There will be at least 3 signatories to include the treasurer and the secretary. Two out of these to sign all cheques and documents.

Accounts will be presented at all committee meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.

Meetings and Events

The Group aims to hold monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except in August. Additional events and trips out may be arranged. (see website for details).


The Group will develop and maintain a website to give information on both Stonehouse History Group and the history of Stonehouse. We aim to provide a channel of communication for people to ask and answer questions on Stonehouse history and contribute to our archive collection.

We will have a website manager supported by the committee.

Agreed at the Stonehouse History Group AGM on

May 14th 2014.

Our Aims

We meet in the Town Hall on the second Wednesday of every month at 7-30 pm

About Us - Stonehouse History Group

Stonehouse History Group Annual Report


Where we are:-

Stonehouse Gloucestershire England UK


The Committee 2014.

The Stonehouse History Group was founded  April 2008

The idea of a Stonehouse History Group was first put forward by John Peters and his wife Myra along with Jim Dickson in April 2008 . A hand bill was created and put up in about 14 shops, mainly in the High Street the Library and the Town Hall to advertise a meeting in the Town Hall. Jim also put a request in the 2008 spring issue of the Stonehouse News asking for any interested people to come along.

The very first Stonehouse History group committee meeting was on Wednesday 23rd April 2008 Those present were: Jim Dickson, John Peters, Myra Peters, Vicki Walker, Francis Wathan.

The very first full meeting was held on Wednesday 14th May 2008 at the Town Hall, there were 27 members present where an Election of full committee members and officers were elected for one year.

Chair – John Peters

Vice-Chair –Kate Meyer

Secretary – Vicki Walker

Treasurers – Myra Peters/Carole Crisp

Publicity – Francis Wathan

Committee members - Jim Dickson, Shirley Dicker

The rest is History !

SHG 2017 Annual report

Stonehouse History Group Constitution


SHG Constitution