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On the edge of the Cotswolds

9 miles south of Gloucester

3 miles west of Stroud

51°.44’.33” N

02°.17’.02” W

Height 41 Metres/135 Feet

Postcode GL10 in Google maps.

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We publish a history journal once a year where we produce memories, stories and articles about the history of Stonehouse.

Issues 1 2 3 4 can now be viewed online here.

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Torre Monumental - 100 years old.

On September 18, 1909 there was an offer by the British residents of Buenos Aires to erect a monumental column to commemorate the centenary of the Argentinean May Revolution. It was designed by English architect Sir Ambrose Macdonald Poynter (1867–1923),

Stonehouse History Group

Programme and Events

We meet at the Town Hall in the High Street Stonehouse

Every 2nd Weds in the month

All welcome

If you wish to join our group just come along to any meeting.


The clock tower is celebrating its centenary this year, so Stonehouse History Group thought this would be a good opportunity to help commemorate this by sending a brass commemorative plaque to erect at the base of the tower stating - from the people of Stonehouse to the people of Buenos Aeries.

Through our members generosity we have now had the plaque made and posted it off to Argentina.

We will keep you up to date with progress..

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Our History Journals Issue 5 & 6

Can be purchased from The Town Hall in the High Street or The Curiosity Shop in Queens Road.

Stonehouse Remembered

Audio clips

from local people remembering Stonehouse long ago

Audio Clips

The Half-Shilling Curate, A personal account of la ocal rev. In war & faith 1914-1918 - is now published and can be purchased via the web site for a discount of 20% for SHG members.


Rev. Cowl

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Blackbeard the famous pirate comes from Stonehouse

An interesting claim has recently come to our attention from Baylus C. Brooks - that the famous pirate Blackbeard (real name Edward Thache) comes from Stonehouse and his grand father was Rev Thomas Thache (1617-1668) vicar of St Cyr’s in 1664.

Baylus claims - his investigations have proven that Blackbeards father “Edward Thache snr” was a mariner born in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England on June 14, 1659, likely the son of Rev. Thomas Thache, Anglican minister of St. Cyr’s Church and his wife Rachel.

Baylus’s book - Quest for Blackbeard: The True Story of Edward Thache (Blackbeard) and His World is now available.

Baylus C Brooks book


Jill G emailed us from Lincolnshire to say :-

“I was delighted to find a photograph of the signal box at the GWR station on your website”.

Her Grandfather was signalman there for many years.

Jill's story

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Stonehouse History Group Walks 2015

Stonehouse History Group can offer several guided walks around the Stonehouse area, incorporating historic photos of local buildings and landmarks. We can tailor the walk to suit your group depending on distance and time. Most walks will take about 2 hours.

Our main route involves visiting the Stroudwater Canal and St Cyr’s Church. We can focus on particular aspects e.g. the canal and river, mills, the church, Stonehouse Court, depending on your interest.

Click on the map below for more information.

Example walk

Weds June 14th 7-30 pm

Mary Greensted

Nature Gardens & the Cotswold Arts & Crafts Movement.

Weds July 12th 7-30 pm

Gloucester Film Club

Weds Oct 11th 7-30 pm

Bob Lusty

Part Two: 1970’s & 1980’s

Weds Nov 8th 7-30pm

Geoffrey North

Gloucestershire's VA Hospitals

Weds Dec 13th  7-30 pm

Cherry Hubbard

Tudor Christmas

The book - Stroud Valleys in the Great War is available now.

Stonehouse is featured along with other local towns and villages.

From all good book shops and online.

Howard Beard has a review of this book here.

The Plaque has arrived at the Tower.

Stonehouse from the top of Wycliffe Chapel Spire.

We had an email  about a house that was in Gloucester Road opposite Grosvenor Road behind the existing houses where Little Australia is now. Sent by Jane Scantlebury (nee Turl) via Mel Tarrant - one of our SHG members.

The back ground to this is the visit of the Elmer sisters from Australia in January 2017 who turned out to be related to Mel.

The house was originally called Elmont when Mr Jack Elmer built it in the 1920s but it seems to have morphed into Almonte later.

Jane wondered if anyone could remember the house or Jack Elmer who died in 1955.

Jane's Story SHG 2017 Annual report SHG Constitution

Stonehouse Congregational church around 1960 and the same view today.